Portable Wearable Negative Ion Air Purifier Generator

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Produces 100 million Pcs/cm3 Negative Ion Concentration. Air quality is related with the anion quantity in the air (negatively charged ions). The more negative ions in the air, air is fresher.

 It is an environment-optimized electric appliance that purifies, de-dusts, deodorizes and sterilizes air by using negative ions generated by itself.

 Its core function is to generate negative ions, which utilizes the characteristics of dust removal, dust reduction, sterilization and detoxification to optimize indoor air.

 Negative ions can also eliminate static, reduce EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and help boost your energy and mood.


The difference with the traditional air purifier is that the negative ions act as the active factor to capture the harmful substances in the air.


 There is no Filter to Replace. Our Negative Ion Generator does not require consumables. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of purchasing and replacing an expensive air filter.

The unit is also rechargeable.  Connect to any USB outlet.


What you don't see can hurt you. Keep the unit in your car! The air in your car can be polluted with dust, smoke, particles, bacteria, formaldehyde, VOCs, etc., which puts us at risk of diseases. (VOC’s can come from personal care products such as perfume, hair spray, cleaning agents, paints, copy machines, etc.) By releasing a high density of negative ions and a safe amount of ozone (≤0.05ppm), this air purifier can reduce the airborne pollutants and bring back the cleaner, healthier air.


Unit also comes with a quantum energy clip and a negative energy ball that puts out about 700-800 negative ions


It is wearable, it also can also be used in a car or in a bedroom up to 500 square feet.


The degree to which negative ions contribute to overall well-being and health is scientifically proven: The most important benefit of negative ions is that they clear the air of airborne allergens such as pollen, mold spores, bacteria, virus, etc. They also clear the air of dust, pet dander and cigarette smoke.




1. Promote blood circulation, improve metabolism;


2. Helps with nutrients and oxygen delivery to cells to help eliminate toxins from the cells


4. Increases metabolism to promote detoxification.


5. Helps to relieve pain, tension and stiffness and to prevent mental fatigue.


7. Improves sleep quality.


8. Helps to enhance mental concentration, help workers achieve better performance at work; Help students to remain calm during examinations, reduce anxiety and enhance attention.


9. Use in your car to help maintain alertness.


10. Enhance physical fitness, making the body healthier, more dynamic.


11. Strengthen the body's bio-energy field.


12. Protect the body from around our computers, cell phones, electrical appliances, telecommunications towers and other electromagnetic waves.


13. A steady supply of oxygen in the blood, activate blood cells;


14. Helps to Promote cell activity and strengthen the immune system;